Comestibles Ya

About Us

A family vision that continues to grow.

Over 30 years ago we embarked on a journey

To partner with clients and consumers alike, by offering a robust portfolio of consumer goods coupled with exceptional service.

Since 1985, we’ve worked to build this integrated solution for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and local grocery stores across the Colombian market. Today, we are proudly still a family owned and operated business.


To offer an unbeatable customer service and a robust portfolio of consumer products through trustable household brands.


To be our client’s destination for quality service and to offer the most emblematic brands within our market.

Bringing an international assortment of products to your table.

We offer our clients the best quality in the industry by building a custom portfolio of products from all over the world including Chile, China, Ecuador, Spain and Bulgaria.Additionally, we partner with numerous Colombian suppliers to support local businesses and help grow our national industry.

Where to find us?

Our assortment of products can be found across grocery chains, independent supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, distributors, and on eCommerce platforms.

Today, more than 500 companies work with Comestibles Ya

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